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Le Chaînon, a living environment adapted to all needs.

Le Chaînon offers accommodation services (board and lodging) for free or at symbolic costs that will help you stand on your feet for a few days or a few months.




Reorganize your life

21 spots on the short-term

For a stay of up to 8 weeks, this living environment allows women to have access to free, safe lodging as well as psychosocial support and accompaniment. This support is meant to respond to the needs of each resident and to accompany them in the steps of reorganization they identify.


Taking charge of your life

15 spots for transitional phases

With a small financial contribution based on the income of the resident, this unit includes 15 individual rooms for a stay of up to 12 months. This program allows the resident to undertake, through the support of a care worker, an approach that will allow her to evolve at her own pace.


Night Reception

A Safe Shelter for the Night

Every day from 4:30 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning, Le Chaînon can accommodate up to 15 women who urgently need a place to stay for the night. This daily accommodation allows women experiencing homelessness or in difficulty to rest for the night, eat, shower, and do laundry. We have a team present on the ground to offer any support, or immediate assistance to the women in need. A caring presence is offered by a team of caregivers who are happy to respond to their immediate needs.

A reservation is required on the same day as of 2 pm to secure a spot for the night, please call at 514-845-0151.

More than accommodation, community housing


Yvonne-Maisonneuve House

Homelessness behind you

Maison Yvonne-Maisonneuve includes 15 furnished studios and a meal service for women aged 55 and over. The rent is low cost and considers the person’s income. This house located in the heart of the Plateau-Mont-Royal offers a beautiful quality of life in a dynamic neighborhood. The recommended approach leaves an important place for the autonomy of individuals and values the participation of tenants in their living environment. A team of counsellors provides support, consultation, accompaniment during medical or other appointments. Comfort and safety 24 hours a day every day of the week.

Ste-Marie House

A Gateway to Stability

Maison Ste-Marie offers 49 furnished units or rooms to women with low incomes. The stay can vary from one person to another, but it is a transitional living environment for up to 5 years all while the team helps women regain self-confidence and develop their full potential. Maison Ste-Marie offers a framework conducive to mutual aid and skills development. This house is located near the Mont-Royal metro station.



Beyond the stay at Le Chaînon, taking the reins

La Relance – Consolidating what you’ve learned

After a stay at Le Chaînon, it is possible to obtain follow-up services in the community. This program aims to offer residents who complete their stay at Le Chaînon continuous support in the community based on their needs, including searching for housing, getting installed in their new living environment, returning to school/work, providing references, supporting skills development, etc.

This program makes every effort to contribute to the improvement of women’s living conditions and wellbeing. The goal of this program is to enable people to have a satisfying life, break their isolation and regain full power over their lives.

We are here to help and accompany you in what you are going through.

You can reach us any day of the week, day or night, at 514 845-0151. We are here to help you through whatever it is that you’re currently experiencing.

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