Le Chaînon, much more than an accommodation house

Meeting the needs of residents and ensuring their wellbeing and development is at the heart of Le Chaînon’s mission.

During their stay, Le Chaînon is constantly looking for opportunities and develops multiple activities and services so that women can feel supported and find hope for a better life.

Support available at all times

Do you need help?  Call us at 514 845-0151


Le Chaînon listens unconditionally and without judgment to any request for help, day and night, 7 days a week.

A counsellor is available to help women talk about their difficulties. If our housing services meet their needs, and depending on availability, they are welcomed at Le Chaînon. If not, a referral to an appropriate external resource is then proposed.

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Thanks to donations and volunteering,
Le Chainon can offer:


Seasonal clothing and accessories.


Free professional services – legal clinic, tax clinic, etc.


Social and recreational activities.


A home kit/starter trousseau composed of furniture and various items for the home.


Food support (baskets).

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