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To ensure the sustainability of Le Chaînon.

Le Chaînon Foundation is dedicated exclusively to financially supporting Le Chaînon in its mission to provide assistance and shelter to women in difficult circumstances.


Through innovative and large-scale projects, the Foundation distinguishes itself through its dynamism, its agility and its ability to mobilize an entire community committed to the cause of women.

Based on its principles of respect for and unconditional acceptance of the individual, social justice and the development of women’s potential and solidarity, the Foundation is an ally of choice to ensure the financial sustainability and positive impact of Le Chaînon.

Upcoming campaigns and events


The signature events organized by the Foundation remain essential to ensure the sustainability of Le Chaînon’s shelter and assistance services.

Thanks to the funds raised during fundraising activities, hundreds of homeless and vulnerable women can, year-round, be welcomed in a safe and non-judgmental environment, thus promoting their return to autonomy and self-esteem.

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So far, what is happening to me here, at Le Chaînon, is the most beautiful step of my life. Thanks to you, there will be others. I see them coming from afar, getting closer.

– Manon





The Foundation positions itself as an indispensable ally, allowing Le Chaînon to remain the essential resource for housing in Quebec so that the women benefiting from our services can attain their full potential and thereby have access to equal opportunities, socially, economically and culturally.

Establishment of the Foundation


In 2012, Le Chaînon is about to celebrate its eightieth anniversary while the organization is still facing significant financial difficulties. The idea of a foundation grew in the mind of the Executive Director at the time, Marcèle Lamarche.

While she designed an impressive program of activities intended to publicly highlight, throughout 2013, Le Chaînon’s remarkable achievements with respect to women in difficulty, and its exemplary dedication that has earned it its mark of distinction. An extensive media campaign was deployed to help mobilize partners in the the business and artistic communities, with the support of the Board of Directors and the permanent and volunteer teams.

Eighty “80th Anniversary Patrons” – women of influence, business leaders, professionals and public figures, as well as 80 “faces” including members of the founding group, employees, volunteers, residents and former residents – agreed to join forces throughout the year of celebrations.

The day after the memorable 80th Anniversary Patrons Gala — which capped what had been a positive, decisive year for the organization’s reputation, visibility and future — a dozen leading figures and professionals from the business community spontaneously accepted the invitation of Line Racette, a highly respected director of Le Chaînon who was then a partner at KPMG, to join the first board of directors of the new foundation, which she would chair.

On December 10, 2013, La Fondation Le Chaînon obtained its official charitable status; the administrative documents were ratified at its first general meeting on October 1, 2014.

The establishment of La Fondation Le Chaînon has allowed leaders in many different fields to come together and reach out to their networks of contacts and contribute, in any way possible, to financing the organization and its outreach. This has allowed the organization to facilitate the realization of ambitious projects and innovative initiatives, for the greatest benefit of homeless and vulnerable women, and to ensure the sustainability of the shelter.

In its November 29, 2014, edition, the newspaper Les Affaires highlighted, in a beautiful manner, the launch of La Fondation Le Chaînon.

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By supporting the mission of women in difficulty, you allow Le Chaînon to help and accompany hundreds of women, each year, towards autonomy and the recovery of power over their lives.

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