Individual Volunteering

A number of ways to make a difference

Le Chaînon has many opportunities for people who want to give back to society by offering their time and having a rewarding experience in return.

Call the person in charge of volunteering right away at 514-845-0151 or email [email protected] and see how your time and skills can be put to good use at Le Chaînon.

In the kitchen

We serve 50,000 meals each year!  We are always looking for volunteers during the week and on weekends to help out with:  

  • Cafeteria service – lunch and supper
  • Dishwashing

At Le Magasin (our community store)

Le Magasin is Le Chaînon's primary source of funding. Volunteers can help out with various tasks:

  • Fitting room assistant
  • Customer service associate
  • Sorting centre assistant
  • Sales associate for the Saint-Laurent Street sidewalk sale

At special events

Through our fundraising and awareness activities, we are able to reach a large number of people and businesses who support Le Chaînon's cause.

Volunteers can also organize activities for Le Chaînon to contribute financially to achieving its mission.

Providing professional services

Various active and retired professionals from all walks of life put their talents and creativity to work for Le Chaînon and its residents. Lawyers, notaries, hair stylists, yoga teachers, beauticians, stylists, animal therapists, architects, and accountants are just a few examples.