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Le Chaînon is counting on your support!

Your donation is critical in helping thousands of women in difficult situations regain their self-esteem and empowerment.

Giving to Le Chaînon, means giving to women.  

Charitable organization number:  822750030 RR0001


Contact Lynda Isabel at 514 845-0151 Please have your credit card in hand.

Mail or fax

Print and complete the form (PDF) To complete a donation In Memoriam, please use this form.

There are different types of donations:

Individual donations

Thank you for making Le Chaînon a place where people feel welcome and a place for new beginnings!

All donations of $20 and more are eligible for a tax receipt.  

"In Memory of" donations

" In Memoriam " donations

Make a donation in memory of a loved one to honour what was important to them.

We can also send “In Memoriam” forms to the funeral home of your choice. On request, we will send the grieving family a condolence card to let them know you made an “In Memory of” donation.

Corporate donations

Becoming a partner of the Fondation du Chaînon can provide your company with important benefits in terms of taxation and visibility.

Companies may choose from Le Chaînon's various options to contribute to achieving its mission with women in difficult situations, while aligning with their values.

For example, companies can:

  • Make a corporate donation on-line
  • Sponsor prestigious fundraising events
  • Hold charitable events and challenges for the benefit of Le Chaînon
  • Provide products or services for fundraising activities (silent auctions, draws, etc.)  
  • Contribute to Le Magasin du Chaînon by donating end-of-line products, inventory surpluses and products with minor defects
  • Provide professional services or various products to reduce Le Chaînon's operating costs  

Tell us about your project by emailing [email protected] or calling 514-845-0151.

Planned giving

Making a planned donation through a legacy is one of the most gratifying and easiest ways to support our organization.

Will donations are critical in carrying out our mission and allow us to plan our activities and development.  

We would like to thank you for considering a Will donation. This decision will help change the life of a woman in a difficult situation and those around her.  

Various options are available

  1. Bequest in your Will "C’est écrit dans le ciel” (Written in the stars) – cash, real or personal property, investments or securities
  2. Life insurance
  3. Pension assets – RRSPs and RRIFs
  4. Charitable remainder trust
  5. Charitable gift annuity
  6. Gift of stock and securities

Consult our brochure "C’est écrit dans le ciel" (Written in the stars – French only) to see how you can provide Le Chaînon with the possibility of opening up new horizons for women in difficult situations.

 Please note that this document contains general information and does not constitute a professional opinion. Le Chaînon encourages those who would like to make a donation in their Will to contact an independent legal and financial advisor.

Dons de milles Aéroplan

Aeroplan Miles Donation

The Le Chaînon Foundation is pleased to join Aeroplan's Milles donations program.

We can redeem your donation of Aeroplan Miles for flights, car rentals, hotel stays or for various merchandise that we donate at fundraising and fundraising events.

It doesn't cost anything to donate your miles. However, a minimum donation of 1,000 Aeroplan Miles is required. Please note that your donation does not qualify for a tax receipt.

Please click here to donate Aeroplan Miles now. Many thanks!!