We accept your donations

Donated goods must be in very good condition and have a resale value.

 A few suggestions are listed below:  

  • Clothing for men and women (not including underwear), shoes, bags, hats, jewellery
  •  Items for the kitchen, furniture, bedding, decorative items
  •  Books, complete games, recreational and sporting equipment
  •  Clothing for infants and children, toys, strollers, swings  
  •  Stamp and coin collections, items of value, antiques  

Bring your treasures to the donation drop-off area.

For large donations, it is preferable to arrange a meeting by calling 514-843-4354 or emailing [email protected]

Dons de meubles

To give furniture, send a picture and you contact informations to [email protected]

Corporate donations

Businesses and companies are encouraged to donate end-of-lines, inventory surplus and products with minor defects.

To make a corporate donation, call 514-843-4354 or email your proposal to [email protected]