Yvonne-Maisonneuve honorary award

An honorary award named after Le Chaînon's founder Yvonne Maisonneuve is given each year to a person or institution in recognition of ongoing commitment to and outstanding support of Le Chaînon.


2016 /  M. Daniel Aird - Aird Joallier
2015 / Thérèse Godin
2014 / Antoine Geloso
2013 / Louise and Madeleine Rousseau
2012 / René Goulet

The winner receives an original work by artist Boris Kramer.


Adèle-Roy honorary award

The award named in honour of the very first resident at Le Chaînon in 1932, the Adèle-Roy honorary award recognizes remarkable commitment by a volunteer to Le Chaînon. 


2016 / Ghyslaine Audet-Roy and Geneviève Croteau
2015 / Pierre Ladouceur and Linda Beauparlant
2014 / Sylvie Bégin

 The winner receives an original work by artist Mario Carrier.