About L'Association d'entraide Le Chaînon

The Chaînon in numbers

Our mission

Founded in 1932, Le Chaînon’s mission is to provide shelter to women in distress unconditionally and without judgement. We provide a safe place to stay as well as support and care adapted to the needs of the women. At Le Chaînon, with the help of skilled counsellors, women are able to undertake a process that makes possible regained independence and personal and social empowerment.

Women receive professional support in an environment that promotes equality in relationships.

Le Chaînon also takes a collective and social stand in denouncing inequalities, living conditions and all forms of violence experienced by women. Our objective is to promote advocating for women’s rights – with women.  


The women who rely on Le Chaînon

At Le Chaînon, we focus on the person and not on a problem. This approach is based on our founding principle to offer unconditional and judgement-free assistance, which for over 80 years, has set Le Chaînon apart from other shelter resources.

The women who come to Le Chaînon’s door are struggling with personal, social and economic issues, such as:

  • Mental and physical health issues
  • Dependency issues
  • Behavioural problems
  • Effects of aggression, violence and physical, sexual and psychological abuse
  • Relationship problems
  • Special conditions