Board of Governors

When the Fondation Le Chaînon was created, it chose members of the Board of Governors from among leaders in their fields, who are committed to conveying the message of Yvonne Maisonneuve, Le Chaînon's founder, to their community.

The members of the Board of Governors are:

  • Louis Audet
  •  Jean-Pierre Bégin
  •  Françoise Bertrand
  •  Céline Blanchet
  •  Caroline Codsi
  •  Liliane Colpron
  •  Yvon Deschamps
  •  Marc DeSerres
  •  Jean-Guy Desjardins
  •  André Desmarais
  •  Gaétan Frigon
  •  Antoine Geloso
  •  Danièle Henkel
  •  Isabelle Hudon
  •  Patricia Jean
  •  Claire Léger
  • Andrew Molson
  •  Jacques Nantel
  • Julie Payette
  •  Judi Richards
  • Léopold Turgeon