Our Volunteers

Become a volunteer

From the very beginning, volunteers have been a valued resource for Le Chaînon, critical in helping women in crisis.

 We have approximately 200 volunteers who are generous in their smiles, actions, skills, and the time that they give. Thanks to our volunteers, Le Chaînon is able to provide continuous quality services under the best possible conditions. The contribution from our volunteers is priceless and we are extremely grateful for their support.

 Join our dynamic team of volunteers and see the difference you can make in the lives of women who are among the most marginalized in our community. We will provide you with a warm welcome, proper training, as well as our heartfelt gratitude.

Le Chaînon has operating standards to ensure a positive experience for our volunteers.  

Call the person in charge of volunteers right away at 514-845-0151 or email [email protected].